The edition has been made with the following principles in mind: Minimise waste and the use of harmful materials, make locally, prioritise recycling.


GF Smith

Developing British made FSC certified papers, with a commitment to sustainable sourcing and transparent supply chains. For every tree harvested, three more are planted.

GF Smith Extract 380sgm: A zero waste FSC certified paper made from recycled coffee cups. The card stock for each book contains at least four upcycled coffee cups.

GF Smith Naturalis 120gsm 
GF Smith Zen 120gsm
Uncoated papers, FSC certified, 100% virgin ECF fibre.

Stationary Place

Eco friendly papers made without bleach, and high recycled content.

Eco Recycled Brown Kraft Paper 130gsm - A natural paper made from 100% recycled paper pulp.


HP Indigo Press

The digital print production means reducing waste by decreasing printing plates and the intensive cleaning cycles associated with analog printing. The inks can be de-inked from the paper, enabling the prints to be recycled.

FE Burman 

A local environmentally committed printer, 3.5 miles from the studio space where my books are made and stored.


The packaging material is composed of paper off-cuts from the book making process, and recycled materials from other studio deliveries (paper, bubble-wrap)

The boxes are unbleached and uncoated recyclable cardboard.

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