Tamsin Green

Published on occasion of the exhibition Scale & Substance by Tamsin Green at Photofusion Gallery, London (18 March - 22 April 2022). 

This text based publication features writing by Eugenie Shinkle, Tamsin Green, Ursula K. Le Guin, and an interview with the artist by Photofusion Director Kim Shaw. These texts and accompanying drawings and photographs explore the multifaceted meaning of the words Scale and Substance.

£27 + P&P


Handmade edition of 120 books, signed and numbered by the artist

  • Published in March 2022
  • 56pp, 8 images, 300x105mm
  • Concertina book with soft cover
  • Risograph print on 8 different papers: 50% recycled*
  • ISBN 978-1-8384772-1-9

*Full details at the bottom of this page.

Public Collections

Canterbury Christ Church University Library (UK)
Coventry University Library (UK)
San Telmo Museum – The Gabriela Cendoya Bergareche Collection (ES) - Print Edition
The British Library (UK)
The Tate - Artist Book Library (UK)
Victoria & Albert Museum - National Art Library (UK)


FORMAT23: The Sustainable Photobook (2023)
Dulwich Art Festival: Ways of Seeing -  Green (2022)
Photofusion: Scale & Substance (2022)

Other Notes

Book & Exhibition Launch: 17 March 2022 -  Photofusion Gallery, London

Tamsin Green in conversation with Sid Motion and Dafna Talmor - 31 March 2022 - Photofusion. Listen to the conversation on SoundCloud

Interview with Anthony Tino - Into the Paint Podcast: Bound Art Book Fair II (November 2023)

Book Review: Loupe Magazine - Sustainability Issue

Green’s practice reveals the idiosyncratic nature of the descriptive systems upon which we depend to organise our world, to make it meaningful, and to find a place in it. It shows us the land as we encounter it – in glimpses and fragments, missteps and experiments, changeable and proximate, seen and felt by a body in contact with its surroundings. And it invites us to recognise the distance between us and the world around us as one that we’ve created, to value the ground beneath us, and to think anew about the way that we inhabit our planet. 

Eugenie Shinkle, from the essay Drawn to Scale

“Granite does not accept footprints. It refuses them. Granite makes pinnacles, and then people rope themselves together and put pins on their shoes and climb the pinnacles at great trouble, expense, and risk, and maybe they experience a great thrill, but the granite does not. Nothing whatever results and nothing whatever is changed.”

Ursula K. Le Guin, from the essay Being taken for granite


"What an amazing book, well, word-sculpture really.  A cairn of ideas, so nice to hold and unfold."
Christiane Monarchi, founding editor Photomonitor, founding co-editor Hapax

"Tamsin builds books with the mind of an architect - her books don't just contain information, they embody it." 
Eugenie Shinkle, End of Year List, C4 Journal

"Tamsin Green's Scale and Substance has a complex accordion binding, hand bound by the artist, that lets a collection of texts and diagrams expand out as far into the reader's space as they can manage... The form of the book is one of the tools deployed in the descriptive process, drawing the physical substance of the landscape down to a scale that we can grasp."
Christine Lorenz, Artist

The edition has been made with the following principles in mind: Minimise waste and the use of harmful materials, make locally, prioritise recycling.


The book uses a  standard A3 size sheet, eliminating waste through trimming. 8 different papers are used, half of which are made from 100% recycled fibres.


Colorset - 100% recycled, FSC certified.

Echo: 100% recycled, FSC certified.

GF Smith: Colourplan - sustainably made in Great Britain, FSC certified.

Claire Fontaine: Standard colour paper, FSC certified.


Risograph Print

The risograph (or 'riso') is a digital stencil duplicator, released in japan in the 1980s. The riso produces stencil paper prints using a unique range of spot colour plant based inks.

Duplikat Press

A small local printer, 1.5 miles from the studio space where the books are made and stored. 


Plastic free biodegradable packaging.

Film: home compostable & biodegradable film made from sustainably sourced woodpulp. 

Book wrap: FSC certified, recyclable cardboard.

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